At BRD, cutting edge technology on the edge of innovation  is our mission, passion and goal. With each product we offer a committed team of end users that work continuously to make every product offered the best it can be to fit the needs of the consumer and industry professional. 


If there was ever a way to hack the aquatic industry, this is it. The Bixpy Jet is the world’s first and only portable, handheld water propulsion device. Every piece of technology that has gone into developing this product is ground breaking: from the electronic circuitry that controls everything, to the design of the propeller. Even the way the system switches on and off has been researched and perfected to bring you one of the most innovative, yet intuitive device of its kind.


Owning a Bixpy Jet will make many adventures accessible to new users and give experienced users a way to explore new places, a safe way to get home when you need to get home and a way to do things you never imagined possible.



To ensure maintenance free operation and the ability to use the Bixpy Jets in fresh or saltwater, we explored every nook and cranny of the material science world. Every single part of this sophisticated device is custom built to withstand the harshest conditions. From the custom built thruster to the shaft seals, we left nothing unexplored. In addition, all the components and connectors that are submersed are IP68 rated and even the parts that are exposed to mere splashing are rated to at least IP67.

We have spent more than a year researching and testing various propellers, thrusters, nozzles, electronics and batteries to create the most powerful water jet propulsion system in the world. At roughly the size and weight of a 1L bottle of water, the Bixpy Jet generates enough thrust to drive a 240 lb kayak with two adults against ocean tides and wind!



Developing the Bixpy Jet was only the beginning. We have also developed a wide array of attachments and adapters that will allow you to attach your Bixpy Jet to virtually any small watercraft you can imagine. Even more exciting is the fact that you can boost your swimming, diving or snorkeling adventures with the handheld battery pack that turns your Bixpy Jet into the ultimate diver propulsion vehicle. 




With a compact design and lithium batteries that will run your Bixpy Jet for hours, adding a Bixpy Jet to your next water adventure is not only a great way to explore more, but a great way to add a layer of safety to your trip. There is nothing tougher than having to fight current, wind or a changing tide after a long day on the water.  Knowing you have the option to assist your trip back home is the greatest feeling of safety and security.


Because the Bixpy Jets have impellers instead of propellers, you can safely use them around kids and pets and not worry about hurting anyone. In addition, the thrusters have multiple auto shut off mechanisms that will prevent them from accidental starts, over heating and running loose.


The Bixpy Jet is also uses clean electric energy with zero emissions and no pollutants going into our waterways. The thrusters are 100% sealed and run on rechargeable lithium batteries.  So you can use them in sensitive waterways without worrying about polluting the water. And since the Bixpy Jet is a direct drive thruster, it is whisper quiet. So it won't disrupt your fishing trips or sound like you're running a tank underwater!




Bixpy Jet has been selected as the winner in the Sport and Active Lifestyle Technologies Category at CONNECT’s 29th Annual Most Innovative New Product Awards.

The award recognizes and lauds groundbreaking products released within the last 18 months from San Diego-based innovation companies. To be recognized and win the Most Innovative Product award of the year in Southern California is an unbelievable honor!  



The BRD Bixpy Jet is the world’s first and only portable, handheld water propulsion device. The product runs on lithium batteries and is able to attach to anything from a diver’s forearm to the back of a kayak