PURCHASE: Consumer, Dealers, Resellers, Distributor

We want to make sure every purchase made large or small you get the service and information needed to complete your order. We have three types of sales categories below to handle anyones need being personal or business related. We are available by e mail 24/7 and by phone as needed. For consumer purchase we can refer you to one of our authorized dealers / resellers. If one is not in your area we are happy to ship your purchase directly to you. Orders can be started and ship to address verified by sending an e mail to info@bedjet.com or call us toll free at (800) 845-0119 EXT: 117 . For our Dealers / Resellers, Distributors,  & Large Volume see details below and contact info is listed.


We run sales and specials on a regular bases and we also have a great network of dealers and resellers that can handle your needs as well. If you interested in making a purchase just let us know e mail us at; info@brdjet.com or call (800) 845-0119 EXT 117. If were busy and we are many times just leave a message and we will get right back to you most times within 30 minutes. All orders are verified quickly and in most cases can ship the same day. Most purchase require a power pack, battery so shipping needs to be verified. Accessories and complete systems ship directly to your door. All payment made is through a secure system. 

Dealers / Resellers 

Kayak, Paddle Board, Boating Supply, Scuba / Snorkel, Small Boat, dealers and resellers the Bixby Jet can increase sales and you bottom line earnings and just as important set you apart from the rest by having this cost effective consumer product that is cutting edge and one of a kind. If your business services folks who enjoy the water then maybe we should talk and see how we might help one another through this amazing product line. Please give us a call at (800) 845-0119 EXT 117 or e mail at; info@brdjet.com and we can review your needs and dealer pricing.

Distributors / Large Volume 

If you service a network of retail locations, purchase in large volume ,we can assist in helping you get started.Please e mail; info@brdjet.com or call us at (800) 845-0119 EXT 117.