We would like to make sure that every purchase of our product is what you need and arrives to you safe and secure. So our verified purchase process is designed for your protection and to insure you have ordered the correct parts for your purchase. To order through our online processing please e mail us your order request, name, address and phone number and also ship to address. All orders for any item over $100.00 require a signature upon delivery.  


An invoice will be generated and we will contact you to confirm your order. This is a simple process and designed to protect you and your purchase. Please e mail us at info@brdjet.com or call us toll free at 1-800-845-0119 EXT 117. After confirming your order a e mail will follow and you can use the BUY NOW button located on the upper right of this page to pay for your order. Your order will be packed and shipped to your verified address. We may also have an authorized dealer in your area where your purchase could also be picked up. So what are you wanting for, Join the Jet Setters.

We will send you an e mail vitrifaction of your order and full details of the amount to pay. Then by using the Buy Now button above you can complete your purchase.