We would like to thank you for taking the time and visiting our website and product offerings. The BRD team is a group of passionate folks that love being on the water, fishing, kayaking, diving and paddle boarding. Our goal is to enrich others that also enjoy being on the water with enjoyable events and cutting edge products. Our research and development team spends countless hours on the water testing and refining our products. A very special thank you to all our customers for helping us help other, a portion of each sales goes towards keeping our water clean and also helping those in need. 

That old saying "Why Reinvent The Wheel" hold true most of the time. The BRD JET is a great example of leaving well enough alone. We are excited to work directly with Bixpy with this amazing cost effective product that has so many great uses. We welcome all feedback from our customers who purchase or demo our Jet Drive. If your looking for an exciting options when on the water the Bixpy Jet Drive System will not only get you "There & Back" it will give you countless hours of enjoyment. 


What started as a fun idea has turned into a passion for having fun on the water with a little friendly competition. During the fishing season in the North East we host fishing tournaments with a BIG FUN FACTOR and GREAT PRIZES, for all that attend.

During these tournaments we will have Jet Drive demos available and also specials deals on the BRD JET and other products. Please send us an e mail or visit our tournament web site to get the 411 on some fishing fun !



If you Kayak Fish, Paddle Board, Snorkel, Scuba Dive, we  welcome you as a BRD Team Member. Drop us an e mail and lets see how we can assist in making your time on the water better.#brdjet



Billy Bass is well known in the North East for landing big bass and is always willing to share ideas and techniques with his fellow anglers. He currently hold the BRD tile  of a 48.5 inch stripe bass on his Spider-Man Barbie Rod.



Growing up in Ohio Doug is surely living the dream. Doug's backyard are now the waters of Hawaii. I chase big fish and my Bixpy Jet Drive is a blessing to have after fighting hard hitting fish all day. being able to use my .Jet Drive to get back to shore is a great feeling.

Barbie 1 2.JPG



MY MY not one Barbie but two. These wonderful ladies Hayley & Stephanie showed the guys on their boat what TOG FISHING on The BARBIE is all about.. Both  Slammed 2 nice TOG to take home 1st and 2nd place at BRD 4 TOG at Tog Tober.



My Snorkel Jet has allowed me to be able to see much more when hitting the water. I try and spend as much time as possible enjoying the reef off the beach where I live., I love my Jet Drive and the range it gives me every time I am out. while giving me hours of use.




Team member Dave has been chasing stripers as long as he can remember, You can often find him and his wonderful wife out on the water enjoying the day. He was our Hook Em On The Housy, BRD Winner, and that 36" Striper is looking nice.


Fishing in the Chesapeake  Bay has it's challenges but knowing I have my Jet Drive is helpful when I need the extra help to get to a location that is far off. Easy to use and my Rudder Jet gives me the power each time I put my Kayak on the water. A great addition for my Yak.